Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sweater progress

Whither the Spider-man Sweater, you ask?

Well. After ripping out sleeve #2 about seven times and re-starting over and over and over, I am pleased to tell you that the second sleeve is finally, finally done. In fact I just finished it a few minutes ago (knitting on my very belated lunch break). I have started weaving in the ends, and am about 1/3 through that process. Tonight I plan to pick up & knit the ribbing on the collar, and then once those pesky ends are woven in and I block it, it will be DONE.

Done, I tell you.

So I'm hoping to get Rugrat wearing the sweater for Easter. I'll post pics when it's not only merely done, it's really quite sincerely done.

1 comment:

Deanna S. said...

I'm not a knitter and so the post is in a different language to me, I got your cute little Wizard of Oz reference!