Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Requiem for a Funyun

I am horribly disappointed in the Frito-Lay company. Of all the products they make, they had to discontinue the Wasabi Funyuns? WHYYYYYY??? The Wasabi Funyuns were the epitome of snackage. They were the perfect delivery system for wasabi powder -- no overwhelming flavor of anything else (I'm looking at you, crappy wasabi potato chips), just crunchy fried wasabi goodness.

I first discovered the Wasabi Funyuns last July. I was visiting my sister up in Portland with Mr Wonderful and attending the drunktastic Oregon Brewers Festival ("Drink it, bitch!"). Mr Wonderful and I took a drive one day, crossing the Columbia river into Washington state. We stopped at a 7-Eleven and Mr Wonderful spied the acid green bag and thought he'd give it a try. Well, we couldn't shovel them down our throats fast enough.

Try though we might, we very rarely came across them again. At every convenience store, we'd check for the little bags of joy. Every grocery store, every drugstore, every place that might conceivably have them. Nothing. No love. Until last November, when Mr Wonderful and I were again on vacation, this time in SoCal. Down the street from my Mom's house, the local 7-Eleven had them. I grabbed half a dozen bags and would have cleaned them out totally, but Mr Wonderful convinced me that now they'd be showing up all over the place.

Back home in the bay area, we still couldn't find them. I found a stray bag once on while a trip up to the mountains to visit Mr Wonderful's sister, but nothing where we lived. (Why could we only get them while on vacation??) In desperation, I checked the Frito-Lay website, thinking that maybe I could email them to ask when they'd be in mass circulation. Turns out, Frito-Lay has a "snack finder" that will tell you the closest retail outlet that sells your preferred FL snack. The website claimed that Wasabi Funyuns were available in several convenience stores near Mr Wonderful's job, but he visited each one and could never find a bag. There were no listings in our town or closely neighboring towns.

And now...well, they're nowhere to be found. A phone call to the company confirms that Frito-Lay has stopped producing Wasabi Funyuns. And all I have to say to that is: OMGWTF??? Seriously? Wasabi Funyuns were the greatest snack evah! Y'all are evil and I am boycotting your crappy company until you bring them back.



Ichabod Crane said...

Bring them back NOW!
I loved me those wasabi funyuns! The only place I ever found them was in Hawaii. Two years ago I was on vacation (again, why can they only be found when on vacation?) on the island of Kauai and as I was checking snackage for the beach, I saw them. There amoung the usual odd Japanese snacks were these green bags of wasabi funyuns. Wasabi funyuns?!!!? This I had to try. I spent the rest of my vacation snacking on those green powered wasabi rings of golden goodness. I took another vacation to Hawaii this past May and you can ask anyone, I was talking more about those funyons then I was about Hawaii. Off the plane and off to the nearest store for my wasabi funyuns only to find Hot. Chili. Pepper. Flavored. funyons instead. "Why, God why!" my cries of sorrow could have been heard all the way to the mainland. Hawaii just wasn't the same after that...
(yeah right, I mean it IS still HAWAII!)

So, YES, let us all boycott Frito-Lay until they brin back the WASABI FUNYONS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go to the frito-lay website and tell them to bring them back. Thats what I did, maybe if we get enough people they will!