Monday, July 7, 2008

Review: Cocina Medina

This is one of my favorite restaurants, and I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance. That’s a very good thing, because their margaritas are excellent. In fact, sometimes the boyfriend and I walk down there, get a pitcher of margaritas to share, and then stumble home afterwards, very satisfied and happily buzzed.

I’ve had their taquitos, camarones (both with the spicy “diablo” sauce and the milder garlic sauce), chimichangas, enchiladas, tamales and chile rellenos. Everything I’ve tried has been fantastic, with the possible exception of the tamale, which was a bit dry. Nothing beats their chile rellenos though…swimming in a smoky mole sauce and filled with molten jack cheese, it’s nothing short of incredible. The chiles always have lots of flavor and retain some “bite” rather than turning to a flavorless mush, like so many others I’ve tried.

If you’re in the area and hankering for a taste of authentic Mexican food served with a smile, give Cocina Medina a try.


Leslie said...

Hmm interesting, hey if it works for you... enjoy!

I went there once, ordered nachos, they came without jalapenos - so I asked for them, and got whole jalapenos :( uh ok.

My GF had some wet burrito, and it was smothered in what tasted like Ragu to us... very odd.

Maybe I'm biased or something, but if I don't get sliced jalapenos on my nachos, they aren't nachos...

minotte's notes said...

sounds YUM!

will definitely give the margaritas and chilli rellenos a try!