Monday, November 24, 2008


God, things have been so busy lately, I've barely had time to think. Quick recap here:
  • Attended & helped organize a protest against Prop 8 in WC on the 15th
  • Waged war on the pantry moths that had completely infested our dry goods cupboard; I think I've won but it may just be a lull in the battle
  • Semi-regular dinner out with supervisor
  • Fought off a cold
  • Attended big Adobe conference in SF, 17th-19th (which entailed unfortunate late nights coupled with even more unfortunate early mornings in which I had to ride stupid BART into the city. Hello, two-hour commute!)
  • Parent-teacher conference
  • Thanksgiving dinner planning, including ordering the organic free-range turkey breast (even though it's just the four of us, and possibly Babydaddy, we will still have the requisite big turkey feast)
  • Finished two sweaters (Sister's Christmas Present and my big green squishy Mmmmmalabrigo v-neck)
  • Started a baby sweater
  • Started and FINISHED a super-secret surprise Christmas present for someone (at least those long BART rides were good for something)
  • Successfully kept myself from killing the kids so far (they're home a lot this month thanks to Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, staff in-service days and parent-teacher conferences)
  • Finished most of my Christmas shopping
  • Crazy busy with work stuff (being gone for three days at a conference does not help)
And this is just the last two weeks, mind you. AND, today is Mr Wonderful's birthday. Thankfully, he decided that what he really really wants for dinner is pizza and beer. I can totally deal with that. But what he wants for his present is to get his computer fixed. Ugh. The thing needs a new motherboard, if I remember correctly (it's been at least six months since it got fried), and probably a new processor and a couple of fans too. *sigh*

Things I still need to get done:
  • Family picture for Christmas cards
  • Order Christmas cards, and when they get here, address & send them out
  • Thanksgiving
  • Get paver stones to edge the patio (between cement patio & new sod)
  • Finish baby sweater
  • Sleep for fifteen years
On the plus side, I found out that you can order NyQuil-D through your neighborhood pharmacy. NyQuil-D is the original formulation of NyQuil, and contains the magical ingredients that knock you on your ass. I have ordered some and it should be ready to pick up along with my turkey tomorrow.

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Leslie said...

Oh PTL, thought the pantry moths were only my problem! LOL