Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring already?

I had my first allergy attack of the season today. It's only the first week in February, can't we at least wait a few more weeks? And it was a baaaaad attack, it was a Benadryl + 3 ibuprofen + 3 hour nap attack.

Guess it's time to start up the allergy medication. It's going to be a long, bad hay fever season.

Oh, and also? I have a cracked tooth and I need a crown. Turns out all those silver fillings our dentists gave us for years eventually expand and crack your teeth. So in another couple of weeks I get to go back in to the dentist (ack!) and get a crown to hold my poor tooth from splitting any further. And if that doesn't solve the pain I've been having (because the tooth may have cracked all the way to the root), I will have to have oral surgery to remove the nerve! Ouch!

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