Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Substitute

Last night's episode of LOST totally made up for last week's horrible waste-of-time Kate-centric episode. The Substitute was full of awesome Locke stuff, and Flocke, or Un-Locke, or the Locke-ness Monster, or whatever you want to call him. And LOTS of answers!

But some serious questions cropped up for me too, like: why isn't Kate's name on the ceiling list of "candidates"? She was touched by Jacob at a young age, and certainly was brought to the island for some purpose. Loads of other people were up there, including [Danielle or Alex] Rousseau, [Boone] Carlyle, [Shannon] Rutherford, [Claire or Aaron] Littleton, etc, etc. Why not Kate? Or if Kate is up there, what's her number? And which Kwon was listed? Sun or Jin?

Who the heck was that crazy blond kid? Some theories: young Jacob, young Sawyer, future Aaron -- or someone completely different? And why could Sawyer see the boy but not Richard Alpert? (Maybe because Sawyer is a "candidate"?) Still dying to know what Richard's role is in all this -- apparently he's never been a "candidate" either. Maybe Kate will be the new Richard; never aging, always bringing instructions but never knowing what the hell is actually going on.

Anyway. Lots to chew on...

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